Clark-Fulton Neighborhood Master Plan RFP Q&A

The following information has been organized in response to the questions the planning team received about the Clark-Fulton Neighborhood Master Plan RFP.

Contents of RFP Responses:

With respect to the proposal contents, the document does end on page 25 with the executive summary. However, please note that on page 23 section: 3.1 Proposal Requirements under subsection Submission of Proposal, the RFP articulates the general structure of the proposal. More specifically, it indicates that “the proposer must organize its proposal package to address each of the plan elements”. Each proposer will respond with their approach to addressing each of the plans elements.

Project Budget:

Our objective is to solicit innovative approaches to addressing the plan elements listed in the RFP. Please feel free to submit your best proposals and estimated cost of services. The core project team will determine the flexibility of the general budget based on the quality of the proposal.

Applicant Requirements:

Given the organization soliciting the RFP is a non-governmental entity; the requirement on page 24 of the RFP requiring a firm “to be authorized to conduct business in the State of Ohio, County of Cuyahoga and the City of Cleveland.” will not be applicable. However, your firm must provide any necessary credentials for your organization requested by the Core Project Team.

Number of Proposal Pages:

The proposal can be up to 30 pages, double-sided (60 single pages total).

The Cover letter, table of contents, and front and back cover would not count in your total page limit. The cover letter can be included as a separate attachment.

Work Plan/Scope Structure:

The structure of proposals should be consistent with the RFP. More specifically, the proposal response should be structured to address the “plan elements” outlined in the RFP.

Project Schedule & Completion Date:

A “proposed project schedule” can be provided. This will be more important post-consultant selection when the Project Scope is developed with select consultants.

Please propose a schedule for completion that you believe is necessary. However, 12 to 18 months is realistic for a project of this scale.

Submission of Proposal:

Submit a digital copy of the proposal via jump drive and with a hard copy.

Community Engagement:

“Community Design Workshop” and “Community Design Workshop” refer to the same workshop. Please keep in mind that the your proposal should include your unique response to these workshops and how to best engage residents and stakeholders. The workshop is a requirement given the need of the consultant team to ideate with the community.

The Core project team will help with logistics, meeting facilitation, and help to coordinate residents. The Consultant Team will serve as the primary point for the creation and development of the Plan. With respect to engagement the Consultant team will outline specific engagement approaches and execute their proposed engagement strategy. The Consultant team will be intimately engaged with the community. The Core team will ensure that relationships are fostered by connecting the Consultant teams to key community and social networks.

Budgeting for Community Engagement:

With respect to community engagement, the intention is that the engagement be included in the overall budget.

EcoDistrict Certification:

The creation of EcoDistrict certification material is not part of the scope of work for the Master Plan, but it will serve as a guide. The pursuit of the EcoDistrict certification will be reinforced by the work in this RFP. The infusion of principles associated with EcoDistricts improves our prospects for designation which has added value.