Community Involvement

Neighborhood Safety

If you have an emergency, immediately call 911 or 216-621-1234

Our Community Safety staff works to increase awareness of safety issues and improve communication between the police, residents, and businesses in our community. We support opportunities to increase resident participation in addressing safety concerns, provide outreach and technical assistance to businesses and develop comprehensive plans for safety related issues.

If you have a safety concern or request, contact Adam Gifford at

Neighbor to Neighbor Cleveland

The Neighbor to Neighbor Cleveland Program (N2N) – a Cleveland Community Engagement and Data Collection Project

The data is expected to guide strategic investments and interventions to achieve digital equity for Cleveland and for the most impacted Cleveland residents. The program is administered through Cleveland Neighborhood Progress in partnership with Cleveland’s local community development corporations (CDCs).

Please contact Eric Odum, our Neighbor to Neighbor Engagement Specialist, with an questions at

Greenspace & Cleanups 

Our Greenspace Development team works to improve the conditions of our vacant and green spaces.

We provide assistance with community and market gardens, gaining access to vacant land for community projects, small grants for greenspace development, neighborhood cleanups and graffiti removal.

Have questions? Contact our Green Space Coordinator Jeff Goforth at or ext. 203

Additional Community Resources

Resident Groups

Find your local block club by visiting the OneHopeNEO website.
Don’t have a block club but want to get involved? Contact Adam Gifford at

Small Grant Support for Neighborhood Projects

We offer technical support for small grants to groups of residents to make an impact on their part of the community. Interested in applying for a grant? Contact Adam Gifford at


OneHope NEO has been serving in the Clark Fulton/Stockyards neighborhood under the name ‘Alpha Village’ for 6 years. They’ve partnered with Metro West, Clark Elementary, Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy and local community leaders to coordinate community clean up days, food distributions, coat drives and so much more. 

OneHopeNEO offers support in connecting residents to vital resources, such as housing, employment, healthcare, and transportation.

Metro West - Community Development

3167 Fulton Rd #303  •  Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: (216) 961-9073  •  Email:
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm