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Metro West is the MyCom Lead Agency for the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. For more info, contact Ivis Maldonado by email at

MyCom is a network committed to igniting positive futures for Greater Cleveland’s youth by CONNECTING them with community based quality programming and services to help them become young adults that are able to NAVIGATE and give back to their communities as PRODUCTIVE citizens. MyCom’s network helps parents and youth in Greater Cleveland navigate transition points in schooling and growth. The MyCom network strives to produce positive, data validated results, through effective communication, collaboration and relying on knowledge based experts, community advocates and youth voice and authentic engagement. 

Visions & Goals

Youth are successfully transitioning into early adulthood.

The core components of the MyCom Network are: Network Lead Agencies contribute expertise, resources and administrative support to promote the core components of the network 

MyCom Approach

MyCom prepares Greater Cleveland’s young people to enter early adulthood with the ability to foster healthy relationships throughout their lives and the skills to compete in a global economy.

We believe that youth development is community development and by building a network of support and growth opportunities for our youth we are strengthening our broader community.
MyCom’s work is neighborhood based; focused around our youth, building partnerships, bringing in new and leveraged resources to create opportunity and meet neighborhood identified strategies and needs.

Additionally MyCom takes a systems based approach as we engage large community wide systems; education, law enforcement, libraries, Metroparks, as well as others to work towards a future where youth are successful, productive community members.

Find a Preschool

Find a Preschool: High-quality preschools are located throughout the city of Cleveland, and finding one that is right for your child is easy. Use the PRE4CLE’s calculator or search through a map to get started.

Fill out their form to find out which preschool and child care programs you may be eligible for.

Visit PRE4CLE to find preschool options!

Find a School

Transformation Alliance: Use the Cleveland Transformation Alliance website to find the right school for your child. The mission of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools is to ensure every child attends a quality school and every community has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose.

Visit the Transformation Alliance for school option info and quality resource guides!

More Information

MyCom, PRE4CLE, and the Transformation Alliance are all great resources for Youth Programming. The Metro West Community Development groups is available as an additional resource to guide you and your youth.

If you have more questions or would like more information contact Ivis Maldonado by email at

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