Celebrating another year of community accomplishments!

On Wednesday, February 6th, Metro West held its 2019 Annual Meeting. The meeting included a review of the year by Managing Director Ricardo Leon, a welcome by board members, and a presentation of Community Awards by Cleveland City Council members and Metro West staff.

Two special awards were given out to community members who passed away in 2018 but made a significant impact on their communities throughout their lifetime. Those individuals were Bill Hildebrandt from the Hildebrandt Provisions building, who transformed that site into a space for entrepreneurs and artists to thrive, and Pam Gaston, an active resident of the Stockyard neighborhood.

Awards recipients:

Bill Hildebrandt, In Memorium

Pam Gaston, In Memorium

2nd District Police Community Service Unit, Partner of the Year

Julia De Burgos, Community Champion, Brooklyn Centre

Jeff Goforth, Community Champion, Stockyard

Jonny Fine, Community Champion, Clark-Fulton

Gamerz Galaxy, Neighorhood Business

Las Tienditas, Community Vibrancy

Tina & Jim Camiola, Beautiful Home

At the event, guests also enjoyed delicious empanadas from Half Moon Bakeryand sweet treats from Floressa Cafe, both of which are coming soon to the Clark-Fulton neighborhood!