Join Metro West in fostering the growth and vitality of our commercial corridors, providing safe affordable housing, strengthening civic participation, and promoting a racially equitable and inclusive community!

An investment in Metro West is an investment in economic development, housing, community involvement, and sustainability for the stockyard, Clark-Fulton, and Brooklyn Centre neighborhoods.

Equitable Community Development + Healthy Neighborhoods

The Economic Development department at Metro West works to support our local businesses and development initiatives. We support our community through providing technical assistance to businesses, storefront renovations, referrals for small loans and matching grant programs, assistance in neighborhood infrastructure projects, and commercial code enforcement and safety.

The Community Organizing & Outreach team supports community groups and associations, provides technical assistance with local initiatives, events and interests. We work directly with residents to cultivate leadership, support block clubs, create workshops and other collective learning opportunities, and to develop forums and other opportunities for residents to engage with one another.

The Metro West Greenspace Development team works to improve the conditions of our vacant and green spaces. We provide assistance with community and market gardens, gaining access to vacant land for community projects, small grants for greenspace development, neighborhood cleanups and graffiti removal.

Our Housing Department works to improve the conditions and appearance of both the housing stock and commercial properties in our neighborhoods. We support our community through property code enforcement, housing redevelopment, referrals to home rehab programs, foreclosure prevention, and strategic demolition.